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The Principal Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Pain – Due to its difficulty to diagnose perfectly, pain often follows us through life despite doctor visits or treatment plans. Be it daily chronic issues or sporadic aches we all deal with pain of some kind. Many studies show that Chiropractic Care will not only help manage pain, but also prevent further complications. This proactive aspect to Chiropractic Care is why it should be considered before resorting to surgery to reduce or locate pain. A few sessions of Chiropractic treatments can lower pain, decrease headache frequency and even reduce sciatica-related symptoms.

Flexibility & Mobility – Many of us are athletic, but some of us may have suffered an injury which has stopped us from playing the sports we love. Did you know that around 50% of NFL professional players use Chiropractic Care to improve performance and heal faster? Its amazing that so few people recognize how useful Chiropractic treatment can be to improve many aspects of your athleticism including: Muscle tension relief, reduced inflammation, decreased stress, enhanced pulmonary function, more energy and great range of motion/flexibility.

Blood Pressure – George Bakris, the leading expert on hypertension has conducted extensive research into the benefits of Chiropractic Care. His studies have shown a link to routine adjustments and lowed blood pressure. The same can be shown for the reverse in hypotension patients, proving that Chiropractic treatments can be used to return blood pressure levels to normal for those out of balance.

Gut-Brain Connection – The misconception with Chiropractic Care is that it simply realigns muscles, joints and bones to aid with pain or injury. In reality, these treatments can also positively affect your gut and organs. Acid reflux, colic, stomach pains, sleep disorders and even ear infections have been shown to link to Chiropractic Care. This research is still preliminary, but evidence points to a balanced body equating to ‘happier’ organs. When the body experiences skeletal realignment, less nerve pain and normal blood pressure, symptoms that constantly plague patients disappear. Moreover, this link also means Chiropractic Care can boost the immune system preventing infection, disease or further complications with existing conditions.

Neurological Conditions – With new technology like MRI machines, scientists and doctors now have proven that cerebral spinal fluid and blood flow are markedly improved after Chiropractic adjustments. Many degenerative brain conditions can be linked to factors remarkably improved by a few Chiropractic treatments. There are many conditions which have not been studied in connection to Chiropractic adjustments, but both epilepsy and multiple sclerosis patients have been proven to be positively impacted through Chiropractic treatment.