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The Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

At Coffman Chiropractic, we specialize in treating pregnant women and mothers after they have given birth. There are many benefits to frequent Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy that many are not aware of. Here are a few of the reasons to consider a Chiropractic visit to assist in what can be a very arduous process.

Pelvic Balance – The pelvis, as you can well imagine, goes through a lot of shifts during pregnancy. The weight of pregnancy can cause issues with a mother’s pelvis resulting in pain, discomfort or even restriction to the room the baby has for development. Persistent problems can lead to intrauterine constraint which often results in breached babies and increased chances of need for cesarean deliveries. Balancing the pelvis and returning it to proper alignment can help to reduce these issues and even assist in preventing the aforementioned delivery problems that can occur.

Bad Posture – Even those with great posture can see a decline in how their body holds itself over the course of a pregnancy. Remember, the average woman carries an additional 25-35 pounds, which will only exacerbate problems that bad posture can create. The pelvis isn’t the only part of the female body that shifts during this process; the spine, back, neck, and knees all have to compensate for the added baby bump. All of this extra weight is carried in the front of the body, leading to added stress on muscles and joints. Poor posture during pregnancy is not only common, but it’s often hard to circumvent and can cause aches in the affected areas. Routine Chiropractic visits can help to reduce overall strain and correct posture problems.

Symptoms – Pregnancy comes with its fair share of symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and general discomfort. Aside from relieving the pain of bad posture as mentioned before, general discomfort can be mitigated through regular Chiropractic treatment. Moreover, headache frequency can be greatly reduced and annoying bouts of nausea can be controlled. Chiropractors can really help ease a woman through her pregnancy if the common symptoms are piling up to make the experience more miserable than it should be.

Labor – Chiropractors often spend a lot of time treating a woman’s nervous system during pregnancy. This helps to relieve immediate pain, but this focus also assists in the childbirth process itself. A healthy nervous system can act as a safeguard against spikes in pain while enduring labor. It has been shown that regular Chiropractic visits during pregnancy can reduce both labor and delivery time.