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Rapid Release Therapy Techniques & Benefits

After a long day of sitting at a desk, stress of the job and suffering through traffic, we may often find that our body aches. This soreness generally stems from improper posture, old injuries or simple muscle tension. Many people treat these symptoms with deep tissue massage or Chiropractic Care, but a new technology has emerged that complements both of these treatments quite well: Rapid Release Therapy. These handheld devices act like a more intense focused massage which target specific groups of muscles to provide relief to painful areas. Operating at four times the speed of similar devices, it allows for deeper penetration of large muscles while providing more nuanced vibrations for joints, fingers and small muscles. With 160 strokes per second, these devices are balanced in such a way as to transfer very little motion into the handle, allowing for more precise movements from the operator.

This technology has granted Chiropractors yet another tool to help treat chronic issues or simple daily discomfort. Without having to dive directly into adjustments or Active Release Techniques Chiropractors can quickly work through releasing tension, allowing for more time focused on problematic areas. The relief is almost immediate in some cases, allowing Chiropractors to save time and quickly counteract aches and pains.  The benefits of what such a high frequency of vibrations can do to is still being discovered, but they include: Increased flexibility, increased mobility, decreased tension, decreased soreness and decrease inflammation. The best part of this device is just how good it feels while being administered. The general sensitivity many people experience with a portable massage device is reduced due to how concentrated the vibrations are.

If you seek relief from painful symptoms of a chronic condition or daily discomfort, Rapid Release Treatments may work for you. Of course this device is not a catch all and is advised to be administered with other treatments such as Myofascial Release Therapy. Coffman Chiropractic employs this technology and values its benefits after first hand experience. Come by our office and enjoy a personalized welcoming Chiropractic experience in Camarillo.