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Auto Accidents and Chiropractic Care

None of us want to be involved in a serious auto accident, yet it happens to hundreds of Southern Californians everyday. When we are rear-ended or involved in a collision, our first instinct is to go see an attorney who is likely to refer you to a doctor. Some of the more acute personal injury attorneys will also point you in the direction of a Chiropractor. It is proven that Chiropractic treatment following an auto accident can significantly improve quality of life for recovering victims. Moreover, without heavy reliance on painkillers or surgery, Chiropractors can help those greatly affected by physical injuries to get back on their feet.  There are numerous reasons to immediately seek a Chiropractor following a personal injury or auto accident:

Less Pain – Chronic issues can develop from some of the most minor fender benders. Patients often come in complaining of neck pain, back pain or joint pain following an accident. Initial Adrenalin, shock and disorientation can mask injuries sustained following even minor collisions. Through Chiropractic care, not only can the pain be reduced by relieving pressure on affected areas, but it can assist in the release of hormones as well. These hormones occur naturally and are meant to grant a reprieve from pain while the body heals. These methods for managing pain are great alternatives to painkillers and other drugs that may cause more issues than they solve.

Inflammation – X-rays will never tell the full story following an accident as they do not detect micro-tears in muscles and ligaments. These hard to detect tears result in severe pain. Additionally, affected areas may have inflammation or swelling, which bottlenecks the recovery process and can add additional discomfort. Chiropractic treatment helps the body release IL-6 which reduces inflammation, allowing the body to heal properly. Reduced inflammation will often coincide with reduced pain as well.

Mobility – As mentioned above, inflammation can cause a lot of problems including a reduced range of motion or flexibility. A Chiropractor can not only restore lost mobility due to the accident, but also prevent further problems stemming from increased stiffness of muscles and joints. Increased blood flow from adjustments can help with soreness while also dramatically decreasing overall recovery time.

Scar Tissue – After an auto accident, it is likely wounds or injuries form scars. Most patients falsely believe these scars only form skin deep, but in reality this type of tissue can form inside the body as well. It is a natural part of healing, though build up of scar tissue can lead to soreness, discomfort and stiffness in certain areas. These problems can be remedied with techniques employed through Chiropractic treatment such as rapid release or soft tissue manipulation. Chiropractors can break down scar tissue and return mobility to the affected area.

There are many reasons to seek outside help following a personal injury or auto accident as the ordeal can be traumatic and overwhelming. It is our recommendation to employ a Chiropractor such as Coffman Chiropractic, as our treatments are proven to help speed up the healing process without heavy reliance on drugs or surgery. Begin the road to recovery with Chiropractic Care.